Writing Coaching

Feeling self-conscious about the quality of your written reports, emails and correspondence?  Have you been told that your content is great but your writing skills could use some work?  We will work with you to create a personalized writing coaching program that suits your needs and career goals.

Learn in a safe, one-on-one setting how to:

  • write with punch and flow
  • develop strong outlines
  • communicate in various genres
  • tell stories
  • use imagery
  • expand your vocabulary
  • improve your grammar skills
  • proofread and revise your work
  • and more

In addition to personalized writing coaching, we can also edit your business reports and projects.  Get a second opinion on your writing and catch errors before your boss sees your work. Specialized tutoring is also available for ESL professionals looking to overcome common challenges and develop confidence in verbal and written English.

Contact us to book your first appointment or get more information.